Reflection Task 2

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Reflection Task 2

Post by AzaPattaz on Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:09 pm

2a) The chief I admire most is Red Cloud. I think this because he developed the skills to be a skilful negotiator. This lead to him being able to communicate with the US soldiers and was trying to do everything which meant that his people had the best possible conditions on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Some of these included the Proper Distribution of food, the preservation of tribal beliefs and customs, and their right to self-government.

2b) I think Little Crow provided the biggest threat to the US Government. I think this person Red Cloud fought for what he had. He argued with the US Government for them to keep their promises and for them to give them what they said, such as a sustainable amount of food.

2c)I think Red Cloud was the most outstanding leader because it seems as though he went to greater extents to get the US government to help his people.

2d) If those leaders had not existed at this time, things could have possibly taken a different approach. There may have been no one to speak up to vent their views about a specific situation which could lead to the US government taking advantage of this.

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