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The Circle Of Life File Fact

Post by AzaPattaz on Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:35 pm

The Lion King- Circle Of Life Music Fact File

Structure: At the beginning of the piece the texture is very thin with only some vocals singing. This may try to resemble the sunrise and new beginnings. As the texture builds up, animals begin to correlate and assemble. The chorus then follows after This is the main scene and is introduced by the dynamic build up.

Type of song: This is a chorus song

Type Of Voices: low soprano, alto, bass and baritone are the types of voices in this song.

Tempo: In the beginning of the piece, the tempo constantly fluctuates and is not set at one desired bpm but is slow. however, at the chorus, the piece sets at around Marcia moderato

Use of dynamics: Dynamics make certain words have an emphasis making them feel more important. This makes certain phrases hold more power which leads to them staying in your head. The dynamics also lead up to a dramatic scene change

Instruments used in the accompaniment: Vocals, Bass Drum, Triangle, Drum kit

How the composer uses the music to show the meaning of the song: The composer uses the music to enhance the lyrics in the music. He does this by dynamic changes which help emphasise certain things. These lyrics help progress the story ahead

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