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Inspector Calls Essay

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An Inspector Calls Practice Essay

Inspector Goole is a police inspector who interrogates the Birling and Croft family to try to get them to take responsibility for their actions which led to a girl committing suicide.

J B Priestley was a socialist and wanted to promote the idea of socialism to the audience. Socialism is the idea of the economics should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Mr Birling is a capitalist and believes in putting profit before people.

Priestley uses inspector Goole to portray morals in the play. The morals are about responsibility and how your actions, no matter how big or small, can have a great impact on someone's life. Your action could be the one to just push someone over the edge. Inspector Goole tries to make the characters understand that you are held responsible for everything that you do and that the blame can't be given to someone else.

When the inspector first arrives, he is met by Mr Birling. Mr Birling is a “hard-headed businessman” and believes in money being the most important thing in life. He disregards people for money and couldn't care about their feelings. When Mr Birling is first questioned by the inspector, he says: “No- I seem to remember hearing the name – Eva Smith – somewhere. But it doesn't convey anything to me. And I don't see where I come into this.”

Already he is showing signs of not taking responsibility by him saying “And I don't see where I come into this” He is always trying to pass the blame onto someone else and doesn't take into account that his own actions from sacking Eva from his work. The sacking was a circuital link in the chain of events that lead to the suicide of Eva Smith.

The inspector becomes rather stubborn with Mr Birling and tries to show him how people really see what he is doing and it trying to make Mr Birling feel empathy for the people who he has done wrong to, but to no avail. Mr Birling is unwilling to take any sort of responsibility for it.

When we see a different character such as Shiela Birling, we can see that the Inspector can make people empathetic for other people. Shiela, as soon as she heard about the Inspectors message about Eva Smith to Birling and Eric, she knew that she was one of the links in the chain. Shiela said, “We really must stop these silly pretences” to Mrs Birling. This shows that she is showing guilt, remorse and is taking responsibility which was what the moral of the play was about.
We can see that Shiela understands the need to stop lying which is one of the key themes of the play.

With some characters such as Shiela and Eric, all the inspector needs to do is show them the results of their actions and what sometimes can occur from it. On the other hand, we have characters such as Mrs Birling who have to have their consequences exposed and having to place more of the responsibility on them to get them to realise what they have done is life changing.

At the end of the play, it is revealed why they should have taken responsibility. Throughout the play, the Inspectors tone and use of language towards people can be informal at times which makes us wonder if he is really a police inspector. The name of the Inspector is rather unusual. Inspector Goole. We usually have connotations of a goole to be a ghost or spirit. So it was possibly implied that the Inspector was merely a spirit trying to warn them of future events.

Mr Birling had suspicions that it was all a practical joke so after the Inspector left, he rang up the local police department to ask about an “Inspector Goole” and to see if a new Inspector had joined the police. The deputy on the phone replied with a solid no and told him that nobody of that sort has ever tried to join. Mr and Mrs Birling and also Gerald were relieved and thought again that they had done nothing wrong and that everything that they had just admitted to was magically resolved. Shiela responded with “I suppose we're all nice people now.” This shows that Shiela understands what her actions could have caused and knows that she has still done horrible things where as Birling couldn't care, he has gone back to being a capitalist and putting money first, not caring about his actions towards people.

Moments later, the Birling household gets a call from the police department, “That was the police. A girl has just died- on her way to the infirmary – after swallowing some disinfectant. And a police inspector is on his way here – to ask some – questions. They all stare at each other knowing what their actions have done and knowing that not taking responsibility can cause things such as this.

The curtains then fall leaving the audience with a powerful message of taking responsibility and how people's lives can be impacted by even the tiniest actions because yours cause be the card, that makes the house fall.

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