Blues Music 5 W 1 H

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Blues Music 5 W 1 H

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Aaron Pattison
What is Blues Music? (Typical features)
An important feature of the Blues is "call and response." This is derived from African music tradition. The singer sings a line, pauses, and repeats the line.
Another feature is the use of 7th and 5th in the music which gives it a slightly jazzy feel.
When did Blues music develop?
The blues originated on plantations in America in the 19th Century
Where did Blues music develop?
Blues music developed in America on cotton plantations whilst black people were enslaved
Who played Blues music (generally and name performers)?
Some of the early musicians were Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Cotten and Ma Rainey. The Majority of the earlier Blues musicians were black. This came from when they were enslaved by Americans during the slave trade. The songs used to be spiritual and work songs.
Why did Blues music develop? (what was its purpose?)
The purpose of blues music was to be work songs on the plantation to keep the rhythm of work while they were forced to pick cotton and do other duties
How did Blues music develop? (What types of music merged to create Blues?)
African music combined with the folk music of the white European settlers to produce new styles of music. This early style of blues was known as country blues.
Comment on the tempo of the piece
The tempo of this piece is Adagio and is rather slow. Suitable for a steady work pace
What instrument is ‘answering’ the vocalist?
The trumpet is answering the vocalist. This is call and response
Are there 2 or 4 beats in a bar?
4 beats in a bar
What is the mood of the song? How is this shown in the music (apart from the lyrics)?
The mood of this song seems quite sad and lonely. This is being portrayed by the singular reply of the trumpet.
Make two comments about the vocal melody
The voice is alto
There is a key change from major to minor
Make two comments about the rhythms used
The Trumpet has a solo rhythm
The other instruments rhythm compliments the voice


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