Consequences of the Battle of the Little big horn

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Consequences of the Battle of the Little big horn

Post by AzaPattaz on Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:18 pm

Paragraph 1

An Indian called Wovoka had a vision saying that if the plains Indians defied the whites and didn't live how they told them to and also danced a sacred dance then the “Great spirit” would bring all of the dead Indians back to life. A flood would carry the white men away and all of the lands would belong to the Indians again just like it was before the whites started to take their land.

This sacred danced named “The Ghost dance” spread through the Indian reservations.

Sitting Bull was killed in an attempt to have him arrested when President Harrison ordered the army into the reservations in order to take control.

Paragraph 2

The followers of Sitting Bull fled to the south and joined the band of Big Foot which was another refugee from a reservation. Once the army caught up with them, they were taken to “Wounded Knee Creek” When one of the Indian men refused to be disarmed, the Indians did their sacred dance causing a shot to be fired. This lead to a massacre of over 250 Sioux, half of which were women and children.

Paragraph 3

The public opinion was positive because many believed that the Indians were too hostile and wild to the white settlers and that they were not controllable. Finally, in 1890, The US census officer announced that the Indian Frontier had ended and that there was nowhere in the USA which belonged to any other nation or people

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